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Digital Detox Retreats to enjoy the Joy Of Missing Out and find balance in a constantly connected world because online life can be overwhelming. It can leave you anxious, exhausted, distracted, lonely, lacking focus, time and confidence, The thoughtfully designed 3 to 7-day JOMO Breaks help you detox from the glow of your devices and discover a brighter reality, by learning how to create space in your digital life for real connections, happiness, productivity, and a balance between your real and virtual lives. They help you log off, get over your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and replace it with JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out). So gather some friends, colleagues or come solo and master how to disconnect, destress, declutter, and redefine your relationship with technology.

This 7 to 21-day program is for people with a very high digital dependence or addiction. Each programme is fully customised to address an individual or group’s needs and is a combination of Digital Dependency Mapping​, psychological and physical symptom identification, counselling, Digital Hygiene practices, techniques to rebuild real-life bonds and connections, nature-based exercises, art therapy, journaling, productivity and focus enhancement guidance,  mindfulness training, guided meditations​ and Life Coaching for continued Digital Balance in daily life. 

Digital Detox Deep Cleanse
Digital Wellness Talks, Seminars and Workshops

Digital Wellness is the new pillar of wellness (in addition to physical, mental and emotional wellness) and it's essential to familiarize and empower device users of all ages with the necessary knowledge and means to manage their digital health. These interactive talks, seminars and workshops are designed to introduce the attendees to the concept of Digital Wellness and enable them with tools that can help them define boundaries between themselves and their devices, cultivate digital hygiene and create a healthy balance between their real and virtual lives. Perfect for schools, colleges, corporates, private groups and just about anyone with access to a cellphone, computer, gaming or the internet.



6 of us colleagues made a plan to attend the 3 day Digital Wellness Programme, and it was simply awesome. It totally changed the way we use technology, or as Bindiya says, "how we allow technology to use us." We came back to with really good insights into our relationship and usage of phones, internet and lappies, and our dependence patterns. In a short time, we learnt so much about balance, both internal and external in the virtual world. Amazing experience in the verdant Nilgiris.

I attended a seminar with Bindiyaji at the Tech Summit in Ahmedabad and it was a real eye-opener. She spoke about why tech is so addictive, what it does to our brains, relationships, work etc. I had never looked at it like that. Then she introduced us to the concept of digital wellness and how to practice it in our lives. The way she explained it was really simple and mindblowing. Normally speakers get very heavy on these topics but she made us laugh and gave good relatable examples. Her practical approach and tips for curtailing phone usage have actually helped me and my friends. We are lucky to have attended the seminar.



As a group of friends, we wanted to do something different. After looking at many options we found the novel JOMO Breaks, to explore the 'Joy of Missing Out'. We went for it, stayed in a beautiful cottage after handing over all our gadgets and embarked on the best 4 days we have ever had together. Bindiya guided us on how to move our focus from devices to the real stuff like conversations, singing, meditating, art, bonfires, cooking and learning the art of living in the moment.  It's hard to describe how good that forced freedom from devices felt like. We all felt light, relaxed, happy and more bonded than ever. This is a MUST-DO with people you care about. Incredible!  



My son was suffering from very bad phone addiction problems. He just couldn't leave his phone. If we tried to take it away he would get very angry, stop eating and breaking things. failed at college and was out. We had to offer him many incentives to make him agree to attend the Digital Detox Retreat It was 3 very hard weeks of ups and downs, bad moods, tantrums, him wanting to go back and threatening us. However, Bindiya handled it with great care and discipline. She never got angry or impatient and guided him week by week. to recovery. We could have never done it without her and hope that other parents take their children to her befoe it becomes this bad.



I went through a very stressful phase and was always angry and agitated. I was not sleeping well, always anxious, on my phone and never all there with my family. My wife kept saying I was married to my phone. I am grateful I found Bindiya's Digital Detox program, one of the best things that happened to me. It made me reconnect with myself along with rediscovering simple pleasures like nature, food, reading and I got to reflect on things I ignored for too long. I came back calmer, more present, receptive and energized. I am now diligently practising my daily 'Tech Free' hours. Feels wonderful.






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