Get help to navigate through one the most stressful and painful events in ones life, before or after the divorce. Understand what really happened. Overcome feelings of sorrow, anger, hate, jealousy, fear, hopelessness and guilt. Deal with blame and anger. Learn how to minimise the impact on children and family. Replace conflict with negotiation and resolution. Find the path to healing and starting afresh.

Irrespective of the reasons that cause a marriage to breakdown, divorce remains the second most stressful event in a person’s life, second only to death. It impacts every aspect of one's life and can be a heart-wrenching mix of intense emotions, that becomes even harder when you have children as you also have to deal with their emotions, plus possible alimony, custody and maintenance issues. This is when Divorce Counselling becomes an extremely effective way to deal with your emotions and the impact of this event.


It helps you examine your relationship, grieve, reach rational settlements and gather yourself to rebuild your life. If you have children, it enables you to help them wade through these rough times and co-parent (if applicable) in a healthy and constructive way. 


Divorce Counselling can happen in two stages. PRE DIVORCE, which helps all parties involved to communicate in a civil and effective manner, reach the best possible agreements on matters such as division of assets, alimony, maintenance, custody, visitation, setting boundaries etc. It’s in this phase that one can often replace anger and blame with honesty and openness. It also involves preparing the children/ dependents (if any) for the event. This is a couple’s best chance to find closure, minimize hurt and hostility, and create a future that is less bitter and hostile.

POST DIVORCE counselling helps resume one's personal and professional life post-divorce. It assists with the grieving and healing process, processing your feelings, addressing your fears and worries, identifying emotional support systems, managing stress, creating new goals, coping mechanisms and turning those negative emotions to more positive and useful ones. It helps reduce stress, make sense of what’s happened, offers perspective and closure and creates a path for change and progression.


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