Useful for people of all ages, from all backgrounds and numerous issues, including career problems, personal stress, anxiety, depression, loss, grief, bereavement, change, behavioural issues, addiction, feeling of being stuck, low self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.



Carl Jung

Counselling is a kind of "talk therapy" in which we work together to understand and overcome your personal challenges. It explores physical, emotional, intellectual, social and vocational issues, starting from childhood and analyzes their impact on all aspects of your development and life.  You get an opportunity to express your honest feelings, observe positive and negative aspects in a relaxed and objective manner, discuss problems and to explore better options without any threat of being judged or ridiculed. This facilitates a better understanding of yourself, others and the world around you.

During the course of the sessions, you come to terms with, accept, and resolve deep-rooted issues from your past that may have left a negative impact on you. This enables you to effectively “move on” from limiting beliefs to a more empowered emotional state of personal insights, newer beliefs, growth, happiness and acceptance.  

People seek counselling for a variety of reasons including difficult relationships, both romantic and non-romantic such as with our parents, siblings, in-laws, children, friends or co-workers. Grief: loss of a close family member, friend or animal companion, diagnosis of life-threatening disease, physical debilitation, loss of a job, divorce, sexuality, abuse, sexual deviancy and harassment, as well as L.G.B.T.Q.I.A+ related issues. Depression, addiction, low self-esteem and big life changes are other common reasons for which people seek counselling.

All counselling sessions are confidential.

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All I can tell you is that if you go with Bindiya, you'll be in great hands. She is thorough, tough, straightforward and very practical, whilst also being very sensitive and gentle. Her exposure and experiences really

 sets her apart, especially for someone like me--who thinks he knows everything :)

Thank you for never judging me as I poured my darkest secrets and fears. I admire the gentleness and firmness of your nature and how you guided me through many complications, and respect your patience, practicality and discretion in handling my privacy.

ANYA, New Delhi

Low-grade unhappiness, anxiety and dissatisfaction were pretty much a constant for me. I had tried counselling before but didn't think much of it.

Bindiya just changed all that for me in a few weeks. Helping me explore my inner dynamics, and most of all, helping me change and create a much better life for myself.

JJ, London

Bindiya has an unusual knack and understanding of life, professional and personal. Her wisdom and clarity set her apart. You can feel that she really wants you to make progress. Also, I admire her holistic approach to things by layering her counselling sessions with mindfulness,  meditation and other techniques. I can easily say that she is a powerhouse in the area of mental wellness.   

CHRIS, Bangalore

I ask all my friends with a problem to go to Bindiya. She's just amazing in the way she approaches things. The best part for me is that I did not just have to sit there ranting, session-after-session. She made me understand and move on from my past, get a grip on my present, and make a plan for my future. She keeps track of my progress and I have found the most amazing guide  in her. 

POOJA, Mumbai

DEEPAK, Detroit


All I can tell you is that if you go with Bindiya, you'll be in great hands. She is thorough, straightforward, very practical, sensitive and gentle. Her exposure and experiences really

 set her apart, especially for someone like me--who thinks he knows everything :)

I have been living with depression for the past 6 years and my family took me to various doctors and counsellors but nothing seemed to help for long, not even the heavy medication. So I did not come with any great expectations. Then you changed my life in the best way possible. Working with you, following all the routines and practices that you have taught me has given me hope again. I feel normal again and am challenging myself to do more than ever before in my life.


New Delhi

The experience was just mind-blowing. It  gave me a new sense of life and how to take my life forward, forgetting the past. The sessions were awesome and the exercises were very helpful. The way in which Bindiya ma'am  listens and comes forward with a solution is fantastic, and I thank her for providing a solution for every problem I had.



Me and my family thank you for helping us in the most difficult times of our life. Losing a child is the greatest tragedy for a parent. You were an angel sent by God for my wife and all of us. She became peaceful and willing to live further after meeting you.  We have made a memorial in our garden for him and a trust in his name to help teenagers with depression. Thanks once again and God bless you.

A horrible job: Just awful.

Losing my self confidence: Just crippling.

Losing friends: Just bitterly painful.

Losing myself and not knowing where life is heading: Just unbearable! 

Everything was going downhill and then finally, I found you, just in time. Bit by bit, week by week, you have helped me reconstruct my life. In fact, you have helped me create a much better life, and a much better me. Thanks can't be enough.







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