The programme is a combination of various ancient and modern therapeutic techniques that include meditation, visualisation, inner cleansing, relaxation, journaling, NLP, reflection, and ecotherapy. These will leave you feeling relaxed, renewed, elevated, grounded and spiritually revitalized. You will also learn powerful transformational tools and techniques that you can integrate into your daily life back home. 




Bindiya Murgai

These retreat programmes are also known as Blue Mango Retreats/ Blue Mango in the Himalayas. They have been rated amongst the top spiritual retreat programmes across various publications and websites such as The Telegraph, Asia Spa Magazine, Thrillophilia, Indian Luxury, Spiritual Nomads, World BlazeScoopWhoop, iExplore, World Reviewer, and Silicon India to name a few. These are for private groups only, which means that participants form their own groups as a family, a group of colleagues, or like minded people who get together and opt for this journey. 

The programme is a profound experience for anyone seeking balance, peace, relaxation, and spiritual and emotional wellness . Various therapeutic practices such as visualization, inner cleansing, relaxation, journalling, NLP, reflection, and ecotherapy comprise the programme. Guided Meditation remains at the very heart of the programme. It does not matter whether you are a regular practitioner of meditation or not. Experienced meditators can deepen their practice, while new ones can begin their wonderful journey down the meditative path. 

The retreat programme guides your awareness to your own self. You attain peace, stillness and appreciation for the present moment, while walking the path of inner and spiritual wellbeing, growth and transformation. It enables the release of emotional and mental toxins, and replaces them with  a renewed state of being. Other benefits include better health, self understanding and acceptance, becoming a calmer person, gaining better uderstanding of life, clarity of thought, better decisionmaking, increased compassion, emotional balance, overcoming negative relationships, facing inner demons, controlling ones thoughts, cultivating gratitude, changing thought patterns, wisdom and rebonding with nature are just some of them.


The retreat programmes are held through the year at Ketti Valley, in the Nilgiris. The duration in the Nilgiris ranges from a weekend (2 full days to 7 days). Retreats are also held in Spiti Valley, upper Himalayas between June and September. These are for 5 to 7 days. You are free to chose a duration that suits you, depending on how much time you can spare, and how deep you wish to immerse in your inner wellness programme.

Everyone over the age of 15 is welcome, irrespective of gender, age, nationality, faith or religion. This is a secular programme where all beliefs and faiths are welcomed with equal respect.

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