This is an intensive and fully customized 3-7 day programme that focuses on an individual's unique challenges and therapeutic needs. This is the deepest impact programme as all energies are focused on one person, and therapies are designed for maximum positive outcomes. You can freely share your deepest issues within a private healing space and benefit from sessions that directly address your issues alone.



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Individual retreats are all about YOU! They are the best way to address your problems and challenges and work on finding solutions for them.  My focus is only on you, as a person, and your specific therapeutic needs, and we work together in a private environment that is ideal for therapy and healing. The programme is customized to give you the maximum benefit and remains flexible to accommodate any new issues that may arise during the course of therapy. This can never happen in a group retreat, as there the focus remains on generalized therapies that apply to all participants, and one-on-one issues cannot be suitably dealt with.


Individual retreats are a combination of Counselling, NLP Life Coaching, Guided Meditation, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Journaling, Catharsis and Sound Healing. All or some of the therapies may be used, and this depends on my evaluation of your individual requirements.


People chose individual retreats to address their issues and improve their lives, or as a mental and emotional “spring-cleaning.”  It makes people stop, step back from the daily rut, take stock of their lives, vent and purge accumulated stress or negativity, release pressure, find solutions and re-steer their life.


The retreat programmes are held at my residence at Ketti Valley, in the Nilgiris. We spend 6 hours together, each day, through the span of the programme. This includes a lunch break and short breaks after each session. Please bear in mind that this is not a residential programme, and therefore does not include transportation, boarding and lodging arrangements. The attendee must arrange these on their own, although I am happy to provide a list of preferred boarding options that suit your price range, as well as a trusted taxi service.

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