This helps couples address and resolve issues on various fronts such as communication problems, lack of intimacy, power struggles, infidelity, in-law problems, lack of work-life balance, finances, boredom, dissatisfaction, substance or domestic abuse, troublesome differences, phone addiction, and repetitive patterns of stress upon the relationship. I work with all couples regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, religion or ethnicity.  



Kim George

All relationships have ups and downs, so how do you know when it’s time to seek relationship counselling? Some common indicators are having constant fights that become nasty, recurring differences of opinion that become unpleasant, or a feeling of not being understood or cared for, deep sense of boredom or disconnect with your partner, wanting to spend more time apart, or when there are problems concerning family, sex, trust, work-life balance, infidelity or finances. Couples often find it hard to have constructive conversations without blaming or hurting each other, getting angry or upset. This leads to unhappiness, resentment and dissatisfaction. Friends and family usually can't do much as they are emotionally invested, and can't remain neutral. This is when a counsellor can be of immense help.


The sessions are totally unbiased, enabling you to talk freely and without hesitation. We'll identify unhealthy patterns, create a better understanding of yourself, your partner and the relationship dynamics, and empower you with better communication and conflict handling skills. You will start taking responsibility for yourself and your relationship, set realistic goals and expectations. I shall help set healthy boundaries, and monitor your progress while encouraging you to explore the impact your individual beliefs, values, background, experiences, thoughts, behaviour, and attitudes have on your relationship.

Relationship Counselling works for all relationships, and the broad framework remains the same across different relationships. This applies to parent-child, siblings, co-workers, friends and others. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. All sessions are confidential.

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The best blessing in disguise and I recommend it to every single couple. Although we landed up there only because we almost broke up a few weeks before the wedding, the understanding we gained about each other and our life as a couple was mindblowing. It was like we had a crash course on really knowing each other, even though we were going around for 4 years.

Everyone tells you where to shop for your wedding, which planner to get, exotic destinations to chose etc. But nobody tells you what to really expect after you get married. We had never even thought about the many things we discussed at the retreat. It opened our eyes in the most beautiful way and really prepared us for a healthy marriage. So blessed to have had this.. 


When our friend suggested this we were like, "why"? We were already happy and had no issues. She then said it was her gift to us and we thought it would be a nice excuse to sneak away for a few days. We had no expectations, even thinking we'll bunk some days.  But there we were, glued to the sofa at Bindiya's as she made us explore such wonderful, practical and unexpected dimensions. 


I just want to say that if there is one thing you should invest in before your wedding and that you can use forever after, it is definitely this. Awesome is the only word I can use to describe it. We both left feeling so much stronger as a couple. We are approaching our new life with confidence, love and most of all, loads of new-found respect for each other. We always knew that love will keep us alive. But now we say that these sessions will keep our love alive and healthy. 


Bindiya, thank you for teaching us the most valuable skill as a couple, and that is the right way to communicate. Sounds so simple that we never thought we'd need an expert to teach us that, but it has been the most valuable lesson of all as we embark on our journey together. We have taken so much back from this program and it's becoming a part of how we operate as a couple now.  Much gratitude.




We approached Bindiya at a time when our marriage was in a bad state. We could not stand being together and stuck only because of the kids but couldn't agree on anything. It was like slow death until things got so bad that we had to take a call on if we should stay together or not.  It was not easy, opening our wounds up, but by the end of it, we realised how much we had pent up and never managed to share without getting into a fight. This amazing process helped us understand each other, to heal, become friends and discover that underneath it all, we loved each other and it was worth fighting for,  not for the kids alone, but for ourselves. 

I was crushed when I found out that my husband was having an affair. I couldn't focus on anything and kept crying all the time. I put on weight, lost my self-esteem and had given up on everything. Then I started counselling with Bindiya as my husband was not willing to do it. She helped me pick up the pieces of my broken self, and made me build my own self-worth and examine issues that went way beyond my husband. He saw the change in me and agreed to come for counselling. It took us a year to rebuild our bridges, and renew our commitment, but this time, on very solid footing. If you have a problem, close your eyes and don't delay going to Bindiya.



What do you do when you really like your spouse but just grow over them? When you stay together because nothing dramatic has happened to part, except that you know this is not what you need? I spoke to close friends who said I was acting crazy so we decided to seek professional help. We had different personalities, needs and ambitions. We started the process with Bindiya. She was kind, open, heard us without judgement and moral speeches, and then put us through an intense 6-day process to ensure we were really ready for this. She thelped us through the pain and change, dealing with family, emotions, finances, confusion, all with immense care and compassion.



Both of us got so busy building our careers, raising kids, and paying EMIs that we forgot that we had not had sex in over two years  Running like robots, and much happier with the company of our phones. No joy, no fun, no intimacy, and not even a dinner out without others or we'd be bored. One day our son said he never wants to get married and become like us, and that was a wake-up call.  JN decided we needed change before we turn 50. Bindiya helped us rediscover who we are, find common ground and goals other than family and money, and rebuild a new relationship that works in the "now."  It's been a lovely, gentle process and a happy walk of togetherness into a new decade.



Senior Network Executive marries TV star and there we were, schmoozing, boozing, intoxicated by the adulation, high on life till it suddenly went balls up - I got fired.  Everything changed in a snap - our house, friends, lifestyle, even our relationship. Flamin' hell. It was to be the year of bringing in a baby, with our clocks chiming loudly thru our 40s., Instead, we were fighting, chucking blame, hating each other. We decided to go to India for some soul searching and connected with Bindiya for an emotional detox to help us unburden decades of baggage and reformat our lives, not just as a couple but as individuals. She's as ace as they get!


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