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  • Writer's pictureLife Coach Bindiya Murgai

Breathe. Love. Pray.

Last night's Pink Supermoon was a deeply spiritual occurrence, signifying rebirth and reflection. This halfway point of the current lunar cycle stokes our inner dreams, desires, secrets and emotions. It's a good time to weed out superficial connections, replace them with deeper emotional ties and pave the way for inner change. It's also a time to focus on family and intimate relationships and brace up for the major, unexpected shifts that this moon ushers in.

It's time to look inwards, declutter your social circle, chose quality and depth over quantity, saturate your life with love, make every moment an expression of gratitude, cherish the people you value, and tell them how you feel. Be mindful of how lucky you are to just be alive and breathing. Pray for all the millions of people fighting for their lives today. Pray for their loved ones. For the safety of your own loved ones. For yourself. Take comfort from the gentle beams of the moon, offer comfort to those who need it. Take inspiration from the Pink Supermoon to create a major shift in how you show up for humanity (for starters by not being a Covidiot), and the poor helpless animals silently suffering because of us.

Breathe. Love. Pray.


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