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Ketti, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India


This helps couples address and resolve issues on various fronts such as communication problems, lack of intimacy, power struggles, infidelity, in-law problems, lack of work-life balance, finances, boredom, dissatisfaction, substance or domestic abuse, troublesome differences and repetitive patterns of stress upon the relationship. I work with all couples regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, religion or ethnicity.  



Kim George

All relationships have ups and downs, so how do you know when it’s time to seek relationship counselling? Some common indicators are having constant fights that become nasty, recurring differences of opinion that become unpleasant, or a feeling of not being understood or cared for, deep sense of boredom or disconnect with your partner, wanting to spend more time apart, or when there are problems concerning family, sex, trust, work-life balance, infidelity or finances. Couples often find it hard to have constructive conversations without blaming or hurting each other, getting angry or upset. This leads to unhappiness, resentment and dissatisfaction. Friends and family usually can't do much as they are emotionally invested, and can't remain neutral. This is when a counsellor can be of immense help.


The sessions are totally unbiased, enabling you to talk freely and without hesitation. We'll identify unhealthy patterns, create a better understanding of yourself, your partner and the relationship dynamics, and empower you with better communication and conflict handling skills. You will start taking responsibility for yourself and your relationship, set realistic goals and expectations. I shall help set healthy boundaries, and monitor your progress while encouraging you to explore the impact your individual beliefs, values, background, experiences, thoughts, behaviour, and attitudes have on your relationship.

Relationship Counselling works for all relationships, and the broad framework remains the same across different relationships. This applies to parent-child, siblings, co-workers, friends and others. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. All sessions are confidential.

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