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Getting here is pretty simple as connectivity is very good. If you have any further questions, do feel free to use the box below to drop a message.


Bindiya Murgai

The Nilgiris - Blue Mountains,

Tamil Nadu, India


The Nilgiris - Blue Mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges, located at the tri-junction of southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Popular for its amazing Nilgiri tea, lush rolling hills, the fascinating Mountain Railway Toy Train, reputed boarding schools, and ample wildlife, it is part of an international Biosphere Reserve. Connectivity is great by road, and the airport is a picturesque 3-hour drive from here. Popular destinations near Thambatty are Ooty, Lovedale, Wellington and Coonoor.


These Blue Mountains are part of the Western Ghats, and I am based in the beautiful organic farming village of Thambatty,  in Tamil Nadu. All the retreat programmes such as Mental Health and Wellness, Mindfulness and Meditation, Digital Detox and JOMO Breaks, Life Coaching and Counselling, Stress and Anxiety Management, amongst others, are held here.


By Road

Coimbatore – Thambatty, approx 75 km, 3 hrs
Kochi – Thambatty  approx 239 km, 5 hrs
Bangalore – Thambatty,  approx 296 km, 6 hrs
Chennai –Thambatty, approx 523 km, 8 hrs

The drive to Coonoor is a picturesque and pleasant one, where you witness the beauty of rolling hills and forests and often see fascinating sites such as signboards reading “elephant crossing.” The roads are in good condition.


By Air

The closest domestic and international airport is the Coimbatore Peelamdeu Airport Coimbatore, which is about 80 km from Ketti. Domestic flights come in from Delhi, Chennai, Kozhikode or Calicut, Kochi, Bangalore and Mumbai. International flights connectivity includes Singapore and Sharjah. The other major International Airport in Bangalore, which is 296 km away. From Coimbatore, you can drive to Thambatty, which is roughly 3 hours away.


By Rail

Mettupalayam or Coimbatore has broad gauge tracks and is well connected to most major cities. From there, you can either get to Conoor by road or take the charming ‘Niligiri Toy Train’ that first started in 1899. The heritage toy train cuts through the heart of the Nilgiris and makes for one of the most fascinating journeys in India. The train itself has charming vintage wooden coaches and large windows. It is hauled uphill by steam engines, designed and built by the Swiss Locomotive Works. Only twelve of such locomotive engines survive today.

Car pick-ups from Coimbatore/ Mettupalayam can be arranged at a reasonable price,  with a trusted driver. Payments can be made directly to the driver.

Please note that the above information is only for the Nilgiris. If you are booking a retreat at Spiti, in the Himalayas, you will be provided all the details via mail. This will be based on your month of travel, where you are travelling from and various other factors that determine travel to the upper Himalayan region. Do bear in mind that if you are travelling from the National Capital of New Delhi (the closest metro city), you will need 4 days to travel up and back from Spiti. 

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