Bindiya Murgai


Resolve personal challenges, gain better understanding of yourself. Discuss problems and feelings in a safe, confidential, judgement free environment and work on overcoming them. 


Set up the foundations for a strong, healthy relationship. Explore the dynamics of your partnership, strengthen your chances of staying together and building a satisfying future together.  


Improve your marriage or relationship by recognizing, and better managing troublesome differences. Learn to break away from repeated patterns of interpersonal stress, improve communication and resolve issues.


Get help in disengaging from the relationship, learn how to avoid malicious behaviour, adjust to your new life, and process the negative after-effects of the separation. Learn to handle the emotional baggage of a failed relationship and understand where the relationship failed, so you don’t make the same mistakes again.  




I find it hard to put into words how Bindiya listened to me, how she reflected my habitual thought patterns and unconscious ways of being back to me so that I could see them more clearly, and also see the flaws in them and their troublesome nature. She saw things which shocked me in their truth and accuracy, and she held me as we worked through them. The sum total of my time with Bindiya has left me refreshed, renewed, hopeful and positive. If you're thinking about a session with her, stop thinking and just give yourself this amazing gift!



I found it really hard to open up about my deepest thoughts and really personal  details with a complete stranger, so I kept avoiding counselling., but kept  calling many therapists and coaches.  After talking to you I felt that I could trust and be comfy with you, and that was the best decision for me. Thank you for never judging me as I poured my darkest secrets and fears.. I admire the gentleness, patience and firmness with which you have helped me work through many complications,.


New Delhi

Low-grade unhappiness, anxiety and dissatisfaction were pretty much a constant for me. I had tried counselling before but didn't think much of it.

Bindiya just changed all that for me in a few weeks. Helping me explore my inner dynamics, and most of all, helping me change and create a much better life for myself.



Bindiya has an unusual knack and understanding of life, professional and personal. Her wisdom and clarity set her apart. You can feel that she really wants you to make progress. Also, I admire her holistic approach to things by layering her counselling sessions with mindfulness,  meditation and other techniques. I can easily say that she is a powerhouse in the area of mental wellness.   



I ask all my friends with a problem to go to Bindiya. She's just amazing in the way she approaches things. The best part for me is that I did not just have to sit there ranting, session-after-session. She made me understand and move on from my past, get a grip on my present, and make a plan for my future. She keeps track of my progress and I have found the most amazing guide  in her. 

Cell: (+91) 94860 17700

Between 10am - 6pm IST only

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