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MysticMag in conversation with Bindiya Murgai on Digital Detox

Sarah Kirton from MysticMag in conversation with Bindiya Murgai about her journey, her approach to mental healing with her clients, the future of mental health, her Digital Detox Retreats and JOMO Breaks, and the urgency to address digital addiction and advocate digital wellness.

An excerpt...

The digital hygiene that I fervently advocate, is about drawing boundaries with technology (particularly how you use it) in order to maintain good mental, psychosocial and physical wellbeing in a hyper connected, always-on tech world. And the truth is that tech is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives, permeating every part of our existence…and a staggering number of people struggle to find a balance with tech. Most don’t even don’t know how it impacts their brains, emotions, relationships, productivity, safety and life on the whole, so when you don’t know the dangers, how do you even think you need boundaries? So there is no doubt that the phenomenon of digital over-engagement, over-dependence and addiction needs urgent and widespread addressal. I believe it must in fact be made part of school curriculum, it’s that vital.

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