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Are you a Covidiot?

Are you a Covidiot? How many do you know? They range from the ones that don't believe that Covid is for real, or deadly, to the ones who believe that they'll never get it. They think masks and sanitisers are products for the paranoid. They throw and attend large parties, have disdain for social distancing, and complete disregard for the plight and suffering of millions of people in their community, country and the world.

Covidiots haven't experienced the desperation of trying to save a loved one or the abject helplessness of not finding the right healthcare at the right time. They haven't known the hollow feeling of fear when a dear one has battled with the virus. They have not had a close person succumb to Covid, or they are too apathetic to care. And there's another kind -- the ones who have been fortunate enough to have had a mild case, which has turbocharged their confidence in their invincibility!

To all the Covidiots out there, you are NOT macho, cool, or virus-proof. You simply are....idiots. Wear a mask. It might improve your IQ. And perhaps save a few lives. As for the rest of us, let's call one out when we spot them, and not humour or encourage their idiocy.


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