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Healing Hideaway by Bindiya Murgai
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Get empowered to make, meet and exceed your life goals such as creating happiness, navigating your career, building better relationships, weight loss, confidence building, anger management, self-expression and other forms of personal development.

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Guided meditation sessions, online programmes and retreats for beginners and advanced practitioners. Special sessions are designed to address specific issues like stress and anxiety.

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 Retreat programmes for individuals, couples and private groups, customised to overcome challenges, heal, harmonise. and  enhance the overall sense of balance and inner wellness .Highly rated and recommended amongst the Top 10 Retreat Programmes across various publications and websites.

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 Topics include mental and emotional fitness, depression, anxiety, anger, stress, productivity, work-life balance, resilience building, love, relationships, infidelity, loneliness, digital detox and wellness, mindfulness and of course, the pandemic!

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Bindiya has written for, and been featured as an expert in various newspapers, magazines and online platforms. Her articles cover a range of mental health and fitness-related topics including depression, relationships, mindfulness, meditation, counselling, digital detox and life coaching.

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Videos range from understanding depression, to identifying signs that you need therapy, to talks on goal setting, digital wellness and JOMO Breaks. 

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Grab your earphones, curl up with a cuppa, and set some time aside for your mind and soul, with Bindiya's weekly podcasts.

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Bindiya Murgai is Mental Fitness, Digital Wellness & Mindfulness Coach. Know more about her approach, background and journey.

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Browse through the Frequently Asked Questions or email a specific query that's not listed here.

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Read snippets of what some of Bindiya's clients at Healing Hideaway have to say about their experiences. Or share your personal experience. 

The Healing Hideaway Blog has been named one of the 'World's Top 75 Healing Blogs'.

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