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Bindiya Murgai

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The experience was just mind-blowing. It  gave me a new sense of life and how to take my life forward, forgetting the past. The sessions were awesome and the exercises were very helpful. The way in which Bindiya ma'am  listens and comes forward with a solution is fantastic, and I thank her for providing a solution for every problem I had. I am looking forward for more such sessions Healing Hideaway is one of the best retreats to experience for a calm and serene environment, and for life to take a new direction.

- Kishore JS, Chennai

Working with Bindiya has been really rewarding for me. She has always been non judgemental and never imposes any views on me.  She conducts our sessions with respect, thoughtfulness, and insight.   I found her retreat program very unique and well balanced as it met all my needs and helped me emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. Her perceptiveness and compassion helped me realise the deep roots of my problems. She has since been guiding me to overcome my issues through our weekly skype sessions. Am lucky to have her as my guide.

- Bobby Singh, Mumbai

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It was hard for me to get accustomed to the idea of being coached but I wanted to try it out to see how it can help me. I was skeptical yet went and met Bindiya to see what she could add to my life. I was pleasantly surprised when I met her as she defied the stereotypes and made me comfortable right away. Her unassuming, professional and open approach has worked very well for me and she continues to challenge and push me to take a good look, honest look at myself, and my life. I love her precise listening and feedback skills and  gift of profound intuition. She seems to know how you feel and that's greatly reassuring. As far as I am concerned, if you need help, find her!

- Vikram Kaul, Bangalore 

I am a doctor but have been facing many issues with my own mind for several years and in therapy several times. Then I relocated to India, things were really bad for me. I met two well known psychiatrists who tried treating me but I never felt comfortable with them. They were always impatient and kept telling me how to behave as a woman. I stopped therapy and initially came to Bindiya for the meditation retreat. I also wanted to explore more therapies, and it was then that many suppressed feelings came out. For the first time, I clearly saw the problems and things that stopped me from being happy. I went back and continue my sessions on the phone and am happy to share that I have finally started to feel worthy and have a sense of purpose. There is no way I could have done this without Bindiya's help. 

-  Dr Julia M, Hyderabad/ USA

My 23 years old marriage ended last year. I felt like my life had ended. I lost my husband. My friends took sides and went with him. Had to move to a small apartment. I lost my self esteem as he left with a younger lady.  I felt old, ugly, useless, poor and hopeless. Thankfully my brother sent me to you and I am now learning to build a new life at the age of 49. I look forward to our sessions. Knowing that you will help me back on track, and not let me drown in sorrow gives me a lot of stability. 

-  Anita Joseph, Bangalore

We decided to get couples counselling as things were getting really unplesant between us.  We took a week off  work, left the kids with my parents and decided to give our marriage a real chance to last.  Both of us really liked the relaxed and cosy atmosphere of Bindiya's place and did not feel at all uncomfortable talking about our marital problems to a complete stranger. We trusted her, she seemed very practical and felt we were in good hands with someone we could relate to. She never took sides or gave advice but she made us talk and kept us calm. We had long sessions over 6 days, and we both felt it really helped us. Well, proof lies  in our being together today and we are giving the marriage another chance. We are now communicating better, especially when we feel angry or frustrated and we have made an agreement to respect each other, listen and work more as a team. Most of all, we have realised that I we care for each other.

- Ravi & Sheela Mehta, New Delhi

Thank you for never judging me as I poured my darkest secrets and fears. I admire the gentleness and firmness of your nature and how you guided me through many complications, and respect your patience, practicality and discretion in handling  my privacy.

- Pooja, Mumbai

Me and my family thank you for helping us in the most difficult times of our life. Losing a child is the greatest tragedy for a parent. You were an angel sent by God for my wife and all of us. She became peaceful and willing to live further after meeting you.  We have made a memorial in our garden for him and a trust in his name to help teenagers in depression. Thanks once again and God bless you.

- Kris and Sangeetha, Chennai

I had reached a stage where all seemed lost, substances had taken over my life and I had no confidence and self worth. Life seemed purposeless, my loved ones disappeared. Your guidance, clarity and help was paramount in making me see and understand my problems, and your firm hand in making me address the same. It was an extremely difficult journey, one I could not have undertaken without your help. Today, life is once again filled with promise and opportunity. I am much more balanced in my mind, body and heart. I smile and laugh a lot more and look forward to every new day. Thank you! 

-  Ajmal, Cochin

What I love most about Bindiya is her incredible ability to open my mind. She always shows me the best path for me to choose. I look forward to our weekly sessions as these center me, bring me clarity and positively prepare me for the rest of the week. I always finish feeling calmer, focused, happier and stronger. 

- Sonya, Coimbatore

As a senior guy in the corporate world, I was feeling suffocated with my trappings. Having made all the necessary homes, investments and educating my kids in good colleges abroad, I landed at a place of a complete joyless, empty existence. Living a life where I had everything, yet nothing and tied in debt to create all I was chasing. My relationship with my wife felt dead and I was just numb. I thought of getting a life coach but they were all too tied up in the corp/ motivational world, or a bunch of kids claiming to be coaches. Somehow life connected me to Bindiya and I started re-navigating with her guidance. All I can tell you is that if you go with her, you'll be in great hands. She is thorough, tough, straightforward and very practical, whilst also being very sensitive and gentle when needed. Her exposure and experiences really sets her apart, especially for someone like me--who thinks he knows everything :)

-  Deepak Rao, Bangalore/ Detroit

My husband has been suffering from bipolar disorder for the past many years and has been on medication for 3 years. It controlled his moods but I felt like I lost the person I married. I spoke to Bindiya on the phone and was very comfortable taking him there. She made him totally at ease and he is just so so so much better after being in therapy with her. I really feel I am getting back the man I married. Thank you from us both.  

- Meghna and Suresh Rawat, Ahmedabad

Our daughter has been on depression medication since she was 15. Her mood swings, lack of stable friendships, eating disorders, and poor choices has been a big cause of worry for us. She also started smoking marijuana to make things worse. When we brought her to you, it was simply because we'd heard that mindfulness is good for depression, and that you'd coach her in that. But you went so beyond that, and outcome was such an unexpected breakthrough. We never could have imagined so many of those things that came out. Thank you so very much! She is so much better now, and eagerly awaits her weekly sessions with you, and these keep her calm and stable. In fact, we have spoken to the doctor about slowly getting her off the antidepressants too.

- Roma Williams, London

I am  not sure I will ever recover from the absolutely amazing Spiti retreat experience. I mean, where do I begin. It was literally packed with such pure magic and bliss, warmth and love, revelations and learnings. I had always dreamt of the Himalayas, and could not have chosen a better way to be there. I have never enjoyed meditation like this, or known mindfulness, or felt so calm and healed. The interactions you've included, especially with the monks and nuns, the morning prayers at the monastery, and the bestest tea and rice-dal with the lovely family...gosh! I am BLESSED and overflowing with gratitude, to have had you guide me through this. BTW, the blessings ceremony was really powerful, and my wish has been granted. Am getting married in two months and sending you a ticket!

- Amy Jansen, Rotterdam

I have been struggling with multiple problems for the past few years : one lay-off, a very unsatisfying career, unhappy marriage, demanding kids, anxiety and depression. I tried a few courses and therapies  but nothing really worked for me. I was not familiar with the concept of an individual retreat programme, and not sure what to expect. All I can say is that this is the very best type of programme if one really wants to get to the root of the problems, and find lasting solutions. It has to be the very best thing that has happened to me in a long long time, and I think everyone should do this for themselves.

- Rohit Vaidya, Delhi

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