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Counselling. Life Coaching.

I find it hard to put into words how Bindiya listened to me, how she reflected my habitual thought patterns and unconscious ways of being back to me so that I could see them more clearly, and also see the flaws in them and their troublesome nature. She saw things which shocked me in their truth and accuracy, and she held me as we worked through them. The sum total of my time with Bindiya has left me refreshed, renewed, hopeful and positive. If you're thinking about a session with her, stop thinking and just give yourself this amazing gift!

- Bernadette, Scotland


Pre Marital Counselling

Bindiya, thank you for teaching us the most valuable skill as a couple, and that is the right way to communicate. Sounds so simple that we never thought we'd need an expert to teach us that, but it has been the most valuable lesson of all as we embark on our journey together. We have taken so much back from this program and it's becoming a part of how we operate as a couple now.  Much gratitude.

- Mahua & Roy, Kolkata


Relationship Counselling

We approached Bindiya at a time when our marriage was in a bad state. We could not stand being together and stuck only because of the kids but couldn't agree on anything. It was like slow death until things got so bad that we had to take a call on if we should stay together or not.  It was not easy, opening our wounds up, but by the end of it, we realised how much we had pent up and never managed to share without getting into a fight. This amazing process helped us understand each other, to heal, become friends and discover that underneath it all, we loved each other and it was worth fighting for,  not for the kids alone, but for ourselves. 

- Khannas, New Delhi

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Digital Detox and Wellness

I went through a very stressful phase and was always angry and agitated. I was not sleeping well, always anxious, on my phone and never all there with my family. My wife kept saying I was married to my phone. I am grateful I found Bindiya's Digital Detox program, one of the best things that happened to me. It made me reconnect with myself along with rediscovering simple pleasures like nature, food, reading and I got to reflect on things I ignored for too long. I came back calmer, more present, receptive and energized. I am now diligently practising my daily 'Tech Free' hours. Feels wonderful.

- Sreedharan, Kozhikode


Customised Retreats

We chose a couples retreat as things were getting really unpleasant between us.  We took a week off work, left the kids with my parents and decided to give our marriage a real chance to last.  Both of us really liked the relaxed and cosy atmosphere of Bindiya's place and did not feel at all uncomfortable talking about our marital problems to a complete stranger. We trusted her, she seemed very practical and felt we were in good hands with someone we could relate to. She never took sides or gave advice but she made us talk and kept us calm. The sessions were spread over 6 days, and we both felt it really helped us. Well, the proof lies in our being together today and we are giving the marriage another chance. We are now communicating better, especially when we feel angry or frustrated and we have made an agreement to respect each other, listen and work more as a team. Most of all, we have realised that we care for each other.

- Ravi & Sheela Mehta, New Delhi

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