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100 Rules of Happiness

Rule 06

If you’re a fish trying to climb a tree, you will always feel inadequate. Find something you are good at and get better at it.

Photo credit (background) : shambhu editz

Can we judge the ability of an elephant, a horse, a dog, a mouse, a dolphin, a bird, a bee and a snake by the same metric? It defies common sense, yet the humans seem to judge people by sieving them through a standardised system that just ignores an individual’s unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. We all have something that we can do really well, but we need to find it, claim it and put it to good use. Take Perween Warsi for example. She was really good at making samosas and stayed focused on that one shining skill till she became one of UK’s richest Asian women. She might have been a complete failure at being an engineer, actor or coder though! Thankfully for her, she a fish who swam, instead of trying to climb a tree.


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