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Emotional Hygiene Workshops: An Essential Tool to Navigate the New Normal and the Pandemic

Workshops and seminars that help you cultivate the practice of emotional hygiene.
Emotional hygiene is even more important than dental hygiene!

Emotional hygiene is the practice of being mindful of our psychological health by adopting brief daily habits to monitor and address psychological wounds when we sustain them. In this session with BIG FM, we're going to talk about how to cultivate emotional hygiene as a practice in our daily life, and make it as routine as our physical hygiene rituals like brushing our teeth, bathing and wearing clean clothes.

Emotional Hygiene Workshops are part of a series of workshops on mental heath, fitness and wellness, conducted by Bindiya Murgai of Healing Hideaway. Due to the pandemic, these are currently being conducted online. They not just promote mental fitness, but are critical to maintain balance and inner wellbeing, especially in these times when most people are grappling to find and fit into the new normal.

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