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  • Writer's pictureLife Coach Bindiya Murgai

Be present. Not perfect.

Being present, in the moment, is the most joyous and fulfilling way of being truly alive. Most of us spend our time dwelling in the past or concerned about the future. We seldom fully inhabit the present moment, but we can train our minds to do so by practising simple mindfulness techniques that will help us get out of the endless past/future loop and enjoy what we have, right NOW. 3 super simple steps to start small...

1. Take ten minutes to sit quietly and deep breathe. Focus on your breath, as it enters and leaves your body. The mind will wander, that's its untamed nature but bring your attention back to following your breath. This is the first and most important step to building your mindfulness muscle.

2. When you are interacting with people, keep your phone aside and truly engage with them. Listen, pay attention, look at them and respond from an undistracted mindspace.

3. Eat your meals mindfully and do not create distractions like talking over the phone, watching something or reading while eating. Focus all your attention on your food, noticing how it looks, its flavours, textures, aromas, the sound it makes when you bite into it, and how you feel when you eat it.


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