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  • Writer's pictureLife Coach Bindiya Murgai

Smartphones and Social Media and should come with a Statutory Warning

Smartphones and Social Media and should come with a Statutory Warning, as these along with internet addiction and online gaming are the silent pandemics that nobody is talking about. This has been further perpetuated by the Covid situation, lockdowns and Work From Home. It causes several personality and psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, impulse control disorders, FOMO, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, social phobia, hostility, mood disorders, cognitive dysfunction, even a spike in suicidal tendencies. Yet, unlike other addictions, this one comes with no regulations or warning labels. It’s accessible to people of all ages. Devices loaded with addictive apps and internet connections are handed out like candy to kids by their parents, much like giving them keys to a drug and liquor cabinet, all when they are too young to even know the harm it can do them. Most of the time the parents are obliviously addicted themselves. It is vital that we all take a look at our digital dependence patterns, self-regulate and make digital hygiene and wellness an integral part of our wellbeing plan. If not, your digital consumption could consume you.


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