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Happiness In Hard Times : Covid-19

When the world seems filled with gloom and doom, turn towards nature to calm you, to heal you. These are tough times for the entire world. For the first time in our history, we are all bound together by a common crisis, a virus that does not discriminate! It is agnostic to age, gender, social status, development and just about everything else, except perhaps extreme heat.

The Covid-19 has created more worldwide fear and panic than even the World Wars. Every conversation revolves around it and it's having an increasingly terrifying impact not just on the bodies of those who get it, but even on the minds of those who don't. Hopelessness, negativity, anxiety and depression are becoming just as virulent as the dreaded virus itself and we need to quickly take stock of our minds and emotions. one of the simplest ways of doing this is to spend at least thirty minutes every day with nature. 30 full minutes that are steeped only in nature. Your nature-time could be watching a sunrise or a sunset from your balcony or terrace, going for a walk to the nearby park or sitting by a window with a tree view. Some of you may be blessed with a mountain, sea or forest view, while others could be in an apartment complex with nothing but buildings in sight. If you fall under the latter category. and can not leave the house, find a soothing nature based sounds track online. Put on your earphones. settle into a quiet corner, close your eyes and let the soothing sounds of nature calm and heal you.

Stay well. Stay in. Stay away from people outside of your home for a while. And cheer and express your gratitude to all those public workers and service providers who are out there, putting themselves in danger just so that the cogs of our daily life and existence keep turning.

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