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India's suicide rate hits an all-time high

This graph shows India’s sudden spike in interest in suicide, based on Google searches, in May/June 2020. It is an alarming statistic. Much of the interest was triggered by Sushant Singh’s suicide, and now another actor, Sameer Sharma surrendered his life in the same way. But they were celebrities, so their death made it to the news. There are literally hundreds of others that did not. I personally know of 4. This year has seen a shockingly high rate of suicide. So, what's making the suicide rate in India spike?

Depression, anxiety, loss of a job, hopelessness about the future, loneliness, often heightened due to the lockdown, is steadily driving people over the edge. Many have succumbed, and an even larger number have either contemplated it or gone a step further and given it a serious shot. The ones who did not succeed were probably saved by a stroke of fate, a timely intervention (a friend, relative, therapist, even a kind stranger, a phone call at the right time), or maybe just a botched attempt.

Suicide is not something that weak people commit or contemplate. It is what even a strong person in a weak moment can do. We all need to be watchful of that weak moment. Watch out for it in ourselves and in those around us. The difference between life and death is just getting past that moment of hopelessness. Lend a hand or seek a hand. Be the help or find the right professional or personal help. Just don’t look the other way.

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