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"Real Men" are not afraid to talk about their mental health

The MALE MIND Collective is a group of really bright men of all ages who have formed a Collective where they get together (virtually these days) to discuss matters pertaining to their self-development and interesting topics from across the world. No networking/self-promotion or politics. Only existing members get to nominate new ones, on the condition that they’ll fit into their culture and mindset. It’s a really brilliant idea and I’m sharing it all in the hope that others, men and women, get inspired by it and perhaps start their own Collective.

I am doing a webinar with them on mental health and fitness., and am very impressed with their commitment to embracing this subject with openness and enthusiasm. Most group’s skirt this issue altogether and want to keep their mental health a hush-hush affair. Well. Not these guys! They are secure and comfortable in their skin and the fact that they can openly share their questions and feelings about their mental health says a lot about the Collective’s spirit Really looking forward to this one

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