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This is the angsty new buzzword that describes the restless mood of people eager to reclaim their freedom, The term is inspired by the concept of “revenge spending” that emerged in China in the 1980s, post the Cultural Revolution when people first saw money after years of poverty, and now the world is set to apply this phenomenon to travel.

Post pandemic, our priorities have changed. Earlier, people travelled to get a break from work stresses. Now they want a break from being homebound, make the most of their lives, live out their bucket lists sooner, than later. Naturally, the desire to travel has rocketed post the lockdowns, and everyone wants to go at it with a vengeance. But how do you ensure that “revenge” is sweet for yourself, the community and the planet?

1. Travel by road, and in your own vehicle. This minimizes your exposure to other people and helps you keep things flexible.

2. Visit places that are off the beaten path to avoid crowds and be in areas that are more pristine, and probably safer by virtue of that.

3. Try camping or take an RV as that way you can avoid any risk associated with unsanitized lodgings, and enjoy the best views and unspoilt spots.

4. Clean up after yourself and keep a low carbon footprint. Road travel creates way less of a carbon footprint and if the pandemic has taught us something, it is to be more sensitive to our planet. Also, leave every place in the same or better shape than how you found it. Don’t be an eco-savage. Be eco-savvy.

5. If you’re staying in a hotel, chose carefully. Find out what health and sanitization measures they take. Try picking rooms that can be aired and avoid the super crowded joints.

6. Use a travel app like KogoTrips that connects you in real-time with other travellers, who can give you the latest updates on routes, recommendations and Covid-compliant places. Plus, the app will make your travel stories for you and you’ll have an on-road community to fall back on if you are in trouble.

So, start getting ready to unlock yourself. Explore the planet, don’t exploit it. God didn’t make you a tree, so you could be free to travel.

Be safe. Be wise.


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