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Day of Silence for everyone's right to love

Every human being should have the right to love whom they want. It’s the most fundamental need and right of an individual.

Day of Silence is an annual student-led movement to protest bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) students and those who support them. The Day of Silence brings awareness and illustrates how intimidation, name-calling, and general bullying have a silencing effect. Participants take a day-long vow of silence.

If you are someone who can not wrap your head around how people can have romantic and sexual preferences beyond the confines of heterosexuality, then this may be a good time to open your mind to other notions of love. It can be baffling, even scary for some, as it goes against our mainstream conditioning, but the solution does not lie in shunning, shaming, intimidating, bullying, discriminating, fearing or silencing those you don’t understand, or the societal constructs they challenge. The solution lies in you accepting that each person has their own individual wiring. Every heart beats to its own rhythm. Everybody craves the intimacy that feels right to them. Love knows no boundaries.

If you can’t support, then at least don’t oppress actively or passively. If it scares you, don’t run from it. Understand it. Educate yourself. Talk to people from different orientations. Be open to the fact that different is not dangerous, it’s not deviant, it’s not contagious, it’s not broken, not flawed…it’s just different! LOVE AND LET LOVE. Comment Share


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