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Every Farmer is an Alchemist

Every farmer is an alchemist!

This is our Space Spud/ Quantum Tuber (first veggie to be grown in space) field at Healing Hideaway, nestled in the Moondance Estate. In other words, it’s our potato patch. Organic and cultivated with care because farming must be a labour of love. Not an act of conquest. Farming should be an integral part of the ecology, rather than the industrial process that it has vastly become. Our entire food production process has become mechanised, toxified, tailored to over-exploitation, and most importantly, desacralised. And since we are what we eat (at least from a health perspective), more and more people have food allergies and illnesses caused by long term agri-toxification.

All indigenous peoples understood the sacred act of growing food because they did not ‘work the land’…they worked with the land. Soil is not dirt. It is a vast organic complex, an intricately linked, living ecosystem, very much like a forest, which is full of life, billions of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Scientists think there is more life in one teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people living on Earth! It is why we need to respect the land, embrace the wisdom of indigenous practices, and chose organic, not as a fad but a lifestyle choice.

Our little farming patches help us experience the wonders of alchemy. They are an attempt to infuse philosophies and practices that resonate with us, into our personal lives. What we grow is not for sale. It’s just for friends, family, staff and those in need.

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