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Health, Happiness and Digital Wellness Goals for 2020

The beginning of a New Year is an interesting time for most people. There are a jumble of thoughts and feelings, and while everyone talks of the resolutions and upbeat mood, in reality many of us enter a New Year feeling exhausted, even a little down post the holiday euphoria, breaks, celebrations, spending and perhaps some extra weight. After the new year greetings and hype has faded, things can feel like an anti climax, with everything feeling quite the same as they did in the previous year. Resolutions go crashing even before they can take off and life, well, it just rolls along.

So how do we make this year different from the others? How do we make sure we move forward in a healthier, happier and more constructive manner, by making changes that serve us well, that work for us? Take a few minutes to watch the video below, where I talk about some of the things we can change for ourselves in this year, small goals that we can set and how we can go about accomplishing them in a manner that's easy, thin sliced, and achievable. Health, happiness, balance, digital boundaries, compassion, self love, relationships and some other important ingredients to sprinkle on to life's broth, to make it more nourishing and delicious than ever.

In conversation with Priya Florence Shah from

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