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What will a Life Coach do for me?

Different Life Coaches use different methods and techniques. Here is how I work. As your Life Coach, I will ask you powerful questions and gently nudge you on the path of self-discovery and realisation. Once you know what you want to achieve, I will help you use your resources to find the solutions to your challenges, and the answers to your questions.

NLP Life Coaching by Bindiya Murgai, Healing Hideaway

My role is to help you explore, extract and unveil workable solutions, using a variety of tools and techniques of self-inquiry that are necessary to investigate, visualise, verbalise and manifest what is best for your life.

By using scientifically proven tools and strategies I shall help you overcome your limiting beliefs and empower you to have clarity of thought that helps you make better choices and decisions.

We will thin-slice your goals and set realistic targets for you to achieve. I shall monitor and track your progress, realign goals where needed, help with course correction, and of course, assist you to achieve change.

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