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The Lethal Loneliness Epidemic

Connectivity can not replace community. Communication is not the same as connection. So here we are, connected 24/7, with hundreds of social media friends, and yet with a virulent new epidemic engulfing the world --that of loneliness. The epidemic is so bad that world leaders have been forced to intervene, with some countries appointing Ministers of Loneliness, and even creating public benches that promote just sitting and talking to another human, albeit a stranger.

All of us fall somewhere on the loneliness continuum, and it's not determined by how many people you have around, and must not be confused with a physical state of isolation. People could be married, surrounded by large families, have a colourful social circle and still feel lonely because loneliness has more to do with the quality of our relationships rather than the quantity. It's about the emotional bonds, physical space and belly laughs that we share, without which we can become very very sick. Loneliness can be lead to obesity, heart problems, depression, anxiety, strokes, dementia, and Alzheimer's.

Never feel ashamed of your need for human connection, empathy, concern and interdependence. These your fundamental emotional needs, much like food, water and air for your body. If you are lonely right now, make one genuine effort to connect, no matter how small. And if you riding the high tide on the loneliness continuum, lend a hand (ear or shoulder) to someone who is not.

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