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How to define and commit to your most important life goal

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

When it come to defining life goals, people often get lost in a long drawn list of things they want to accomplish. Most lists never convert to reality as they are either made, and buried under the day-to-day debris of life, or the items seem to overwhelming and never get thin-sliced into actionable mini goals. Usually there is no time frame that's defined, and the goal just blurs into a dream or a vague aspiration.

I find that if you define just ONE goal, it must be simple, immediately actionable, and measurable. The most important life goal that you can embrace right away is to commit to become a better version of yourself, every single day. To take steps, however tiny, to ensure that in some way you are more than what you were yesterday. The "more" will be different for each person. It has to be, as we are all distinct, and operate under our own unique circumstances. Some people may want to become more understanding, more compassionate or tolerant. More loving, hardworking, committed, authentic. More healthy, more accomplished, happier. More successful in something they are passionate about. Each day may not bring bounties of progress, and that's fine. The point is to just expand that wee bit more...even if it means learning a new word, walking a few extra steps, or deliberately exercising kindness.

Start today. Start small. Your only competition should be you!



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