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Create The Perfect Meditation Space

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Meditation is a wonderfully accessible, flexible and secular practice, and that's why you can actually meditate anywhere, at anytime. However, amidst the growing noise and chaos of modern living, it helps to have a physical sacred space that you can slip into when you meditate. Your personal sanctuary of sorts. This meditation space can provide a physical framework for your practice and also becomes a haven of peace where you can spend some alone time. Once you have identified the space, you can furnish it with the right aids that can assist you in your practice.

Your sacred space can be a small corner in your room or an entire room itself. The choice of space depends on what's easily available to you, and the size has no impact on your practice. What's important is that it should be quiet, clean, and uncluttered. Avoid being too close to toilets, as they are not energetically conducive. Ensure that the temperature is comfortable, or you could be distracted by extreme heat or cold. If there are any bothersome insects like mosquitoes or flies, you should have a net to protect yourself. If you have a choice, choose a place with natural light and a nice view of nature, like greenery, hills or the ocean.

Don't get too carried away with the decor. Your primary objective should be to create a soothing environment that is comfortable, and promotes meditation, contemplation, and peace. It helps to create a small altar. Whether or not you wish to put an image of a certain God, person or motif is a matter of personal choice. Apart from that, you can place your meditation aids such as candles, incense, flowers, sacred instruments, and prayer beads here.

While some people may want to have natural stone or wooden flooring, you can put a rug, nature fibre carpet or yoga mat on the floor. If you are using a meditation cushion or a chair, place it on top. Pick colours that soothe you. White, cream, deep red and natural wood are some options to consider.

Soft, natural lighting is ideal, like the golden early morning and early evening sunlight. Soft, translucent drapes are useful to cut out any harsh light. If you need artificial lighting, keep it warm (yellow/ tungsten) and soft. A lamp is preferable to bright top lights. Music systems, if any, to listen to guided meditations or meditation music, should be kept close enough for you to operate without getting up from your meditation position, or keep a remote handy. You may want to keep a small table for tea and water. Personally, I like to have natural materials in my meditation space. Cottons, banana fibre, jute, silk, wood, stone, copper and earthenware. Avoid synthetics and plastics, in order to promote overall balance and well being.

I hope you enjoy your meditation space and that it brings you peace, clarity and joy.



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