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Mental Health and Counseling in India, The Hindu Newspaper

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Here's an article on my practice that appeared in the leading National Daily newspaper, The Hindu. You will have to go to click on the image to read the entire piece.

Post the article, people from all over, and from all economic and social stratas have been calling and sharing their problems and issues. These range from depression, to loss of a child, addiction, mental illness within a family that no one wants to address, domestic abuse, bad relationships, and even perversion. It has been humbling, but more than anything it has once again brought to the fore that there are countless people in our country suffering from various forms of emotional and mental challenges, and mental illness. They don't know whom to turn to. More often than not, they are scared ... afraid of judgement, stigma, or even medication that may not allow them to function normally. As a result, they often hide these issues till they start controlling, even ruining their lives.

If you are suffering from an emotional or mental setback, which you are not being able to manage, do seek professional counselling before it blows into something larger. Or if yo have a mental health issue, or a suspecting one, do find a therapist at the earliest. Do the same for anyone you know who may be in the same boat. There is no shame in going to a doctor for a physical health problem. Likewise there is no shame, and should be none, in seeking help from a mental health therapist. Talk to a counsellor or alternative mental health therapist for to explore if your problem can be managed without medication. Whatever path you choose, do not hide or ignore the problem because if you lose you mind, you will truly lose everything.



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