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Music as Medicine: How Sound Healing Can Help You

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Sound Healing sessions are a really good way to relax, rebalance, revitalise and retune the bodies vibrational frequencies. Sound is one of the most transformative energies on the planet. It can relax, excite, evoke or move us to great heights of emotion.

Sound Healing or Therapy has been part of various ancient cultures like the Greeks, Indians, Romans, Egyptians, Aborigines, Native Americans, Shamans, Mongols and Tibetans. While the nuances and instruments may vary, the premise lies in creating frequencies and vibrations that are conducive to healing, and so it is often also called "frequency medicine." It is an effective remedy for anxiety, depression, grief, cognitive functioning defects, stress, pain, headaches and premenstrual syndrome.

Sound Healing or Sound Therapy creates a deep sense of well being, balances the body, mind and spirit, reduces stress, induces calmness, enables heightened consciousness, balances the nervous system and harmonises both hemispheres of the brain. It can alter a person's brain waves and help them become happier, calmer, more focused, and increase productivity.

Sound Healing uses rhythm and frequencies to down-shift our beta state(normal waking consciousness), to alpha state (relaxed consciousness), reach theta state (meditative), and then take us to delta (sleep state), which is where healing can occur. It is done by using one, or a combination of sounds. These include gongs, singing bowls, bells, tuning forks, drums, trumpets, horns, and rain sticks. Mantras, chants, chakra sounds and vocal tuning are also used.

It is most effective when done live, as live sounds create much more powerful vibrations, and have an immediate positive impact on the body.

Pythagoras (circa 500 BC) is credited as being the first person to use "music as medicine." The flute and the lyre were the primary instruments he used. In recent times, sound healing has been linked with the Quantum Physics principle that everything has its own frequency and vibrations, including the human body and all its organs and systems. So when your frequencies become unbalanced, you become unwell.

Sound Healing is a gentle, non invasive sound systems, that has no side effects. It can be done individually or in groups. sound can even be used to cleanse homes and other spaces of low frequencies, or negative energies and vibes. To book sessions, contact www,



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