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Energy Cords & How They Impact You

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Cording is the sharing of energy between two individuals who have had a strong emotional or physical connection. Two people who are corded can have brief telepathic connections between them. Thy can often sense when something is wrong or amiss with the other, and even have their moods or health affected by the others emotional or physical state.

Healing Hideaway by Bindiya Murgai

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What are energetic cords?

Cords are energetic attachment points that get created between the two people, and are rooted in love, pain or trauma. The energy cords of attachment are somewhat like invisible energetic umbilical cords that are connected to one or more chakras of both people. The specific chakra they are rooted in depends on the thought and emotional frequency you share with that person. For instance, love, infidelity, heartbreak and betrayal creates a cord between your heart chakra and that of the other person involved. However, people may often not be aware of their your energetic connections.

The strongest energetic cords usually exist between mother and child. Other strong cords are created through emotional commitments, vows, promises, sex, violence and deep friendships.

Can you have energetic cords after a relationship has ended?

Sometimes you may continue to have strong energy cords with people even after your relationship with them has ended. So although they may no longer be part of your life, your energetic relationship with them still exists. This shows that your cord is still connected and that you are exchanging energy with the person.

What happens in such cases is that despite your best conscious efforts, you may not be able to stop thinking of that person, even after much time has lapsed. These thoughts may continue to fill you pain, anguish, anger, or grief. This can be very draining and damaging to your emotional, spiritual, and physical health. It is therefore very important that you cut all unhealthy energetic cords. This allows past relationships to complete their natural circle and get healthy closure. It clears your emotional or karmic baggage, and increases your own vibrational frequency, helping you live to your fullest potential.

What happens when you don’t cut unhealthy energetic cords?

If you don’t cut off energy cords that are unhealthy, your soul will not be able to evolve and move from lower frequency relationships and experiences to higher and better ones. This will create a low frequency relationship karmic loop, where you’ll find the same patterns repeating themselves in your life. It’s important to fully understand why…

Everything in this universe has a certain vibrational frequency. Every word, sound, action, feeling, and thought. Painful and traumatic experiences borne from a relationship also have a frequency. When left with unresolved, these frequencies get embedded in your soul memory. They then attract similar frequencies, somewhat like how similar radio frequencies get tuned together, such as AM/FM etc. As a result, you keep getting into patterns that don’t serve you well. You attract people, experiences, and situations that resonate with the frequency of the pain, abuse, anger, grief, betrayal, or heartbreak -- cords of which have still not been severed. This creates a continuous cycle of internal stress, failed relationships, and energetic blockages that ultimately leads to unhappiness, ill health, and ill being.

Many of your existing relationships, especially those that are problematic or of the love-hate type, are those that remained energetically unresolved in your past lifetimes. These are carried forward to you current lifetime for karmic resolution that can be achieved by detaching your energetic cords.

Unhealthy Relationships & Identifying Negative Cords

Most people have one or several unhealthy relationships in their life. These are relationships where one person is excessively dependent, controlling, manipulative or clingy. This happens when the energy sharing through the energetic cording is way out of balance, with one person doing most of the ‘giving’ and the other doing most of the ‘taking’. Although these cords may have been formed for mutual benefit or good reason (such as between a mother and child), they may have been nurtured too long, or outlived their purpose. The reasons for this can be fear of letting go, losing control, being alone or some other insecurity.

Some cords are created from an amalgamation of emotions and energies -- like love, neediness, lust, desire, anger, jealousy, and greed. These frequently turn into unhealthy or negative cords, leading to mood swings, depression, pain, anger, exhaustion, and a plethora of other issues. Sometimes if a person, with whom you have a cord, is going through a major crisis, you may feel tired, nauseous, or uneasy without really realizing why. This is an outcome of the other person unknowingly tapping too much into your energy source. Or transferring too much negative energy into your energy field. At such times, you need to put some healthy boundaries in place.

What exactly does “Cutting Cords” mean?

“Cutting cords” is not something harsh, unkind, unloving, or unfair. It does not mean that you want a person to vanish from your life. What it does mean is that you are willing to let go of the dysfunctional parts of your relationships. That you are willing to free yourself from being emotionally, mentally, and physically depleted.

By ‘cutting cords’ you don’t have to stop loving, interacting, or caring for a person – unless of course the situation needs you to do that. For example, if you are trying to move on from a relationship and just can’t get yourself to “let-go” it may be because the other person is holding you back. At such times, it may be best to not interact with the person, or to minimize contact.

Who can I you have unhealthy or negative cords with?

Negative cords can be formed with anyone who has had had a deep emotional, mental or physical impact on you. This includes parents, siblings, children, relatives, spouses, romantic or sexual partners, close friends and co-workers. And whilst these may be the obvious suspects, there are some that may go “under the radar” like someone close who is suffering from an addiction. Addicts can severely deplete you of your energy as they literally drink up energy of those they are corded to.

You can also have negative cords with people who have scarred you or your psyche like emotional, verbal, sexual, or physical bullies and abusers. Or someone you really look up to such as a mentor, guide or guru, especially one who likes to control or manipulate you.

Can I cut unhealthy cords?

Yes, absolutely. And you must do so. But please do not be random or haphazard about it. Cutting Cords is a process of healing and there is a method to it that involves meditation, visualization, affirmations, and emotional realignment. I will be sharing the method in detail in my next article. Until then, try to avoid or minimize contact with the person with whom you wish to cut the cord. Don’t be harsh. Just gently avoid them. Often just physical distancing doesn’t work as cording can connect people energetically, across distances and spaces. But it’s a first step, and a very important one! If the person keeps coming to mind just say, “I am letting you go. Be free. Be happy. May peace be yours.”

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