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The Hidden Meaning Behind Prayer Flags

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Just love prayer flags for being the simplest spiritual devices, propelled by the natural energy of the wind. Contrary to popular misconceptions, prayer flags are not meant to carry an individual’s prayers to the Gods. This is how they actually work --prayer flags have mantras, prayers, and auspicious symbols on them. These represent spiritual energies and vibrations, which get activated when they make contact with the wind. These good vibrations are then carried by the wind, bestowing the blessing of happiness, compassion, wisdom, health and good fortune on to all those it touches. So the person who ties them is actually sending prayers and blessings out to other sentient beings. Undoubtedly the most beautiful, selfless, silent, and secular sacred systems for collective good will and blessings.

The flag in the pic is a Lung-ta. It has the symbol of Wind Horse, which according to Tibetan Buddhism represents good fortune, increases life force energies, and opportunities that make things go well. From a more philosophical perspective, it is symbolic of the mind as a vehicle that can be ridden upon. It represents that if we can control our mind, then the wind can guide us towards any direction, and at any speed that we wish. The neigh of a horse is symbolic of our innate power to truly awaken our mind, through the practice of dharma. You can learn more about prayer flags in my earlier post

While the hidden meaning behind prayer flags is very profound, off late they seem to have become somewhat of a trendy decoration piece, and many people are mindlessly hanging them in cars, inside homes and other closed spaces. I've even seen them inside a toilet. Doing this totally defeats the purpose of the flag, as it never gets activated by natural breeze or wind, nor does it every end up carrying the blessing to various sentient beings, across all realms if existence. Also, many prayers being sold online, in malls and flea markets, that again, work well for the simple purpose of decoration, but have no other significance whatsoever. So, if you're really interested in putting prayer flags as an offering of love, compassion, wisdom and wellbeing to other sentient being, do your research before buying and putting up your flags. Put them outdoors, ideally as high as possible, and in a the windiest place you have. Spread the blessings, and collect good karma. One can never have enough of that :)



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