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What Trees Teach Us About Individuality

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Trees offer the most amazing lesson in individuality, each one fully comfortable in it's unique being and appearance, yet so harmonious in the collective. Unlike humans, trees have the amazing ability to be hyper individualistic, and yet harmonious with others of all shapes, shades and stature.

Look at the trees around you, it could be in the neighbourhood park, on the road, or a forest. Each and every tree is different from the other, even if they are the same species, much like how every human being is different. They come in all shapes, forms and sizes. Some gnarled, others beautiful, majestic, many just plain unremarkable. Yet they all own their space, comfortable in it, gracefully going through their cycles of shedding and blooming, adapting to their surroundings, and just growing each day into the best version of themselves.

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