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10 Simple And Beautiful Happiness Rituals From Across The Globe

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

If there is one singular quest that binds all humanity together, that is common to all humans, irrespective of their age, gender, race and nationality, it is the quest for happiness. It sounds simple, but is often elusive for many. I believe that happiness is a combination of genetic disposition, emotional ecosystems, and certain life conditions, but most of all, happiness is technique, one that has various elements, processes and steps. The best news is that we can all learn this technique. We can all be happy, albeit once we make a commitment to achieving happiness. It's like learning a new language, or an instrument. It takes time, practice, patience, reconditioning, and perseverance. But it is so worth it that every culture in the world has devised it's own ways of achieving it. Each of these help you boost your overall feeling of well being, connectedness, balance, mindfulness, and lower stress & anxiety. In many, the key is to meet people in flesh-and-blood -- nurture real bonds, exchange physical energy, have a belly laugh, look into someone's eyes while talking, even share the comfort of a few silent moments of togetherness! And then there are others where you simply enjoy nature, and quality time with yourself...minus technology and digital noise.

Here's a link to an article that sheds light on some of the world's myriad happiness rituals. Read it, practice the ones that appeal to you the most. Or practice them all, and who knows, you may surprise yourself by discovering new ways of making yourself happy.

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