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Simple Mindfulness Exercise to Control Negative Thoughts

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

We live in a Thought Universe. Thoughts make things. They determine how we create our reality and how we experience life. That’s why ten people can have the identical experience, let's say they all attend the same party, and each one can have very different things to say about it.

Negative thoughts and thinking are one of the most common and universal problems faced by people. These can diminish the quality of our lives, prevent us from experiencing true happiness and freedom from fears. If you see the world as a dark place, it’s how it will feel. If you see yourself as worthless, it’s how the world will treat you.

This mindfulness exercise brings your awareness to your negative thought patterns and helps you notice, address and dissolve them. It should be done over three to seven consecutive days and must be practiced throughout your waking hours. Don’t worry, you can still go about your normal life and still do this alongside. If seven days looks too long, start with three, and slowly build up to seven.


For the period of the practice, refrain from thinking or saying anything negative, harsh or sarcastic about anyone, anything or any situation.

Every time a negative thought arises---even a tiny one, note it down in a diary or on your any other device of your choice.

After you have noted the negative thought, replace it with a positive one, by writing it next to the negative one, in a different colour. Then carry on with your day as usual. This may seem hard or even a bit forced in the beginning, but do it anyway. If you can’t find anything positive at the spur of the moment, then just tell your self it’s ok, that life could be worse and move on.

At the end of the day, review all your negative thoughts, and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What were they trying to tell you?

  2. What do they reveal about you and your responses to life?

  3. Where do they stem from?

  4. Is there is pattern?

  5. What can you learn from them?

  6. And how can you replace them, bit by bit, on a permanent basis?

Repeat this meditation every time you feel negative thoughts building up again inside of you.


Mindfulness comes with an absolute abundance of benefits. Am listing the top few here. Once you begin your practice, you will discover some that may be just unique to you. Go ahead, start your practice today, reap the benefits and enjoy the blessings. Regular practice will keep the negative thoughts away, and in time your mind will rewire itself to tune out of the negative chatter.

  1. Makes you conscious of negative thoughts & thinking

  2. Highlights negative patterns

  3. Examines the reasons behind the negative thoughts

  4. Promotes a more positive, balanced and healthy view of life

  5. Increases happiness

  6. Surges optimism

  7. Lowers anxiety

  8. Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

  9. Helps in anger management

  10. Controls irritation and frustration

  11. Reduces negative thoughts

  12. Improves relationship with self and others

  13. Improves self esteem

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