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Monk from Komik: A day in the life of a Buddhist Monk

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Monk from Komik : A day in the life of a Buddhist Monk -- that was a documentary we made many years ago, to help raise funds for the restoration of the then-little-known Komik Monestary. Many lovely people came together for the film and its premiere at India Habitat. We brought the monks from Komik to Delhi, and they jammed with Nitin Malik (who also composed the soundtrack along with Raj K Gopalakrishnan), Subir Malik and all the members of Parikrama who came together in support of Komik. Plus, our smashing friend Sangeeta Kuriakos who did an amazing job of the PR. The film went to Cannes and many other festivals and people from all over the world wanted to pitch in to help the monastery. The protagonist of the film was Lama Karzan, a monk who had spent 40 years on his life immersed in monastic practice, a really gentle, elevated being. People fell in love with him. Invites poured in from all over to have him visit and grace various events. So a few months later, we went to Spiti to present him with the invites. Lama Karzan was nowhere to be seen...

His parents and brother committed suicide as they couldn't pay off a loan o Rs. 40,000. His brother left behind a wife and 4 really young children, and there were no means for them to eat, live or study. So Lama Karzan had to leave the monastery and became a casual construction labourer to help them survive. He did it with the same dignity that he dispensed as a monk. He moved from many odd jobs, from temp teaching positions to cooking, and farming his tiny patch of land in the brief summer, for sustenance. We pitched in with educating the kids and are thrilled that one has just joined Dogra Scouts in the Indian Army. But even more proud of Karzan, a man who neither knew, nor was interested in anything but prayer and spirituality, but somehow managed to navigate the harsh outside world, and has now made his own little home too. He is the most mindful soul, in the truest sense...just being in the moment, and embracing his circumstances with grace and grit. For us, he will always be a true Lama, and he continues to be a really close friend -- one we hold in the highest esteem. These pics are from our latest visit to his home in Langza, Spiti/ Himalayas at 14,000 feet. #healinghideaway #india #spiti #spiritualretreats #top10spiritualretreats #komik #monkfromkomik #buddhistmonk #buddhistmonastery #lama #buddhistlama #meditation #mindfulness #meditationretreats #learnmeditation #therapist #therapistindia #himalayas #meditationinhimalayas #lahaulspiti #bindiyamurgai #mindfulness #meditation #guidedmeditation #meditationguide #therapist #mentalhealth #india #nilgiris #mentalfitness #happiness #authenticity #parikrama #nitinmalik #subirmalik #indiahabitatcentre #cannes #cannesfilmfestival #documentary #documentaryonbuddhistmonk #bluemangofilms

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