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8 simple, yet profound life lessons from the Nilgiris

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Simple, yet profound life lessons that I have learned or deepened, living in the Nilgiris (Blue Mountains) in India. They are uplifting, easy to embrace, and can be woven in to your life, no matter where you live. Try them out!

Lesson 1: Gratitude

There i something to be thankful for every single day. Look for it, and cultivate gratitude as a daily practice, by either taking a few minutes to reflect on it, or maintaining a daily Gratitude Journal. The things you are grateful for don't need to me monumental events only, but small pleasures like sipping a perfectly brewed cup of tea, having a day with great weather, meeting a friend, having a good laugh, or even stumbling upon an engrossing movie or book.

Lesson 2: Stillness

The most profound sense of stillness can be found in a state of pure surrender. Being still is not about confining you body. It is about stilling the thought traffic that rushes incessantly through the highway of your mind. To achieve stillness, just surrender to all that comprises the moment. Be in it...just in that moment! Listen to the sounds, observe the sights without attaching judgement to them. Just let yourself BE. And by the way, you don't need to be surrounded by nature sounds, although that can be more soothing. Just observing any sounds, even the ones filtering your apartment, are just fine. As long as you simply observe, without judgement.

Lesson 3: Showing Up

A huge part of life is simply about showing up. Step out enjoy different experiences. Say yes to more. Don't just limit the people you meet, the interactions you have, or the experiences you can create. Cast away fear, laziness and judgement. There will be some times when you'll have a good time, and other times when you wouldn't. So what? Just do it to increase the richness of you life, and all that you can pack into it.

Lesson 4: Nurture Nature

Sow seeds. Work the earth. Grow at least a part of what you eat and go organic. You needn't be living in a bungalow or on a farm to do that. If you are short on space, create your own hanging herb corner on the window sill. Or get a few potted veggies that grow well even in a balcony. Nurture nature to really appreciate what you consume. Use everything from discarded stalks and leaves of veggies (great for soup stock and bread stuffings), to empty containers. Preserve. Up-cycle. Down-cycle.

Lesson 5: Fascinated. Not spooked.

Don't get spooked by different creatures. Get fascinated. Every living creature, no matter how creepy or scary looking, is a marvellous creation of nature. They are proof of nature's endless imagination, ingenuity, design, engineering and thoughtfulness. Each one has a unique body and complex systems that work to perfection for its being. What if you had to design a creature from scratch, different from anything that existed, and making it come to life, and work to perfection? It's really hard work. So appreciate creation, all forms of it

Lesson 6:

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