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Spiti Valley, Himalayas : Donate for Spiti

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Sakya Monastery, Kaza - Spiti Reuniting with some of our amazing friends at our spiritual home! My husband and I have been working in our individual capacities, in Spiti for decades. We are involved with various projects and help out in whatever capacity we can, without being associated with NGOs and formal organisations, where there is too much red tape, and much of the funds get used for administerial expenses. Therefore we like to enage in ways where we can directly create and see the impact for the beneficiaries. We have in the past been involved with raising funds for the Komik Monastery, making documentaries for creating awareness about the region, helping with the makeover of the new monastery cafe (Kunphen), helping with education, opening debates about cultural and environmental conservation, role of monks and nuns as key influencers, and topics related to mental health in the Spiti Valley.

Since we are not millionaires (far from it!), we dip in to our own funds, and other intellectual and creative resources, to chip in for the betterment of the people of Spiti. A part of all my proceeds from my retreats and sessions is kept aside for this purpose. But all that is far form enough. Some people have come forward to lend a hand, but many more are needed. So if you would like to donate for Spiti, you can do so by chipping in blankets, woollens (thermals), shoes, sponsoring beds/beddings (it is minus 30 degrees in the winter) -- or cricket equipment. Yes, even at that 14 to 17,000 feet above sea level altitude, the kids love to play cricket, but don't usually have money to buy the equipment. It's not a lot of money, so even if you can help with what may otherwise be the cost of a fancy dinner, or drinks, it will make a significant difference. Please do inbox me if you are keen.

Happiness and love,


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