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Workshop on Mental Fitness, Emotional Hygiene and Mindfulness for CSI College of Engineering

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

There's a learning for me in every workshop I conduct. This one reinforced how fragile our young adults are, and we urgently need to address the need to provide them guidance on mental wellness. They are struggling on numerous levels, their mental ecosystems are getting weaker, the incidence of depression, suicide, anxiety issues, eating disorders and other mental health problems are shooting up, and there are no proper support systems that help them stay mentally fit, or teach them how to practice emotional hygiene in order to increase emotionally resilience. This was one in the series of workshops with 70 of India's future women engineers. The response was amazing -- questions, tears, expression of fears, heartwarming notes of gratitude, and much affection from the young ladies. And selfies too :) Kudos to the CSI team for being proactive and introducing these sessions and workshops for the benefit of their students.

Healing Hideaway Workshops by Bindiya Murgai

Please write to me of you would like to organize a workshop on Mental Fitness and Health in your College, Institution or workplace.

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