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How to accept a mental health problem

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Most people really grapple with accepting that they have a mental illness. There is understandably, a huge amount of fear about 'losing our mind,' and people and society at large, does not help. There are stigmas attached, people’s reactions include horror, severing ties, making mockery, and even treating a person with a mental illness like an outcast. Often relationships, marriage and job opportunities dwindle and all this makes coping with an already tough situation, even tougher. These reasons may contribute to the self-denial that mentally ill people often face. Some go to long lengths to hide it from others. But the most damaging is when they hide it from themselves. The dark shroud of denial can worsen the illness. Like a client of mine who was in such denial that she read books to come up with terms that could somehow justify her unstable mental behavior, and allow her to shift the “blame” on to her family. Her pursuit to hide her illness was so strong, that she went extreme, and started remodeling her career to become a wellness preacher of sorts. She thought this 180-degree deviation will somehow never make people suspect the illness, and that she could read all this material online and preach it, perhaps in also a desperate attempt to help her own self. But inside her mental state got more and more unhinged. It all lead to a very lonely, unhappy and unwell state, with no real relationships left to bank on. She kept manipulating and isolating people as part of her illness, and she kept pinning the responsibility of all that did not go right on to others, until there were no people left to pin anything on.

When one doesn’t accept, deal with and take treatment for a mental disorder, be it depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or any of the other mental illnesses, the road ahead become rougher. If you suffer from a metal disorder, or know anyone who does, but is still in denial, do read this article to learn how to accept your illness.

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