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How Tea Can Improve Your Mental Health

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Eastern countries devised some beautiful rituals around tea. These were about more than just drinking tea. They were about bonding, mental health and emotional well-being. The Japanese made it an art form…a carefully crafted practice of mindfulness, best summed up in the Zen phrase "ichi-go ichi-e", which means "one time, one meeting". The phrase encapsulates the beauty, uniqueness and impermanence of the present moment.

According to researchers at Yale, holding a warm cup of tea effects our senses, which in turn impacts our moods and outlook towards life. The benefits get doubled when we spend time with friends, family or people we like, over a cup of tea. The simple ritual gives us an opportunity to share, have conversations, laugh, discuss issues, and feel a deeper sense of connection. It relaxes us, makes us feel cherished, at peace, and happier. If you go green, it comes packed with antioxidants which are great for the body too. So, pull out the dusty old tea set, pile up the cookies, call some people over, and pour away! And remember to practice some digital hygiene by keeping the cell phones away. Only chat with those physically present, “like” what they are saying, and make real memories, not social network stories and feeds.

You can also make your morning tea a daily solo ritual that clears your mind, promotes inner peace, and aligns your energy. Use tea as a mindfulness practice that utilises all five senses. Hear the water pouring. See the colour and the reflection. Feel the warm cup snug against your fingers. Inhale the aroma. Taste the liquid in your mouth, follow it as it travels through your throat. Take a deep breath, and repeat. Relax.

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